At the Date Fixing Meeting in March, we decided that the 2021 Buxton CC 25 mile time trial championships would be held in conjunction with the Stretford Wheelers event on 18th September on the J4/8 course in Cheshire. As with many other plans this year, this didn’t turn out quite as expected as the event was cancelled. Ideally, the committee would have moved the championships to another event on a J course (Manchester and District area) but none were available that would fit in with the well-advanced plans of our main time trial protagonists. Instead it was decided that, because there was no real alternative, we’d have to hold it on a course outside the Manchester District and we decided on the West Cheshire Time Trial Cycling Association’s 25 mile event on a course down in Shropshire (D25/23T) that started at the outrageously early time of 7.30am on Sunday 26th September.

6 club members made it to the start line having risen at 4am (or before). The weather was surprisingly pleasant for this late in the season, it didn’t rain and it wasn’t too windy. The course was a fairly simple out-and-back affair with only one short stretch that had a rough surface and very little traffic at this early hour, making it a very fair test for our championships.

Anne Haslam deserves special mention as she was riding her first ever 25 mile time trial and did so on her normal road bike, not having access to the a sleek time trial machine like the other contestants. She recorded a magnificent 1:16:52 to take the 2021 women’s championships.

Mat Ivings took the men’s championship and also won the West Cheshire event as a whole. Added to this, Mat, Andrew Stokes and Chris Lea won the best club team of 3, cleaning up on the top prizes.


1st Anne Haslam 1:16:52.

1st Mat Ivings 54:04
2nd Andrew Stokes 58:33
3rd Chris Lea 59:01
4th Steve I’Anson 1:0:59
5th Miles Haslam 1:3:46.