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Buxton CC Club Ride Categories

Buxton Cycling Club runs a variety of club road rides to suit all levels of cycling ability.  Rides often feature a café or pub stop, but will run at different paces to suit individual riders' needs.  Each ride is categorised to help members decide which rides will be best suited to them. With the exception of Cat A rides, all rides have a ‘no-drop’ policy and a ride leader who ensures no-one gets left behind. 

Cat D ride: Starter Social
These are short and very steady rides which go at the pace of the slowest rider and ensure no-one gets dropped. They are less than 20 miles in length, and are designed to be suitable for all, including beginners and those who haven’t ridden for years!  The ride leader will navigate and ensure no-one gets left behind. The rides will include some hills – it’s tricky to avoid them in the Peak District - but not too steep and taken at a very steady pace.  Average speed depends on who turns up, but is usually around 10-12mph.  If you haven’t ridden for a while or are worried whether you’ll keep up on a club ride, these are the rides to start with.  All you’ll need is a roadworthy bike (road bikes, tourers, mountain bikes, hybrids and tandems are all regulars on these rides), and the ability to ride it safely on the road.

Cat C ride: Social
These are a little longer – up to around 30 miles – but still at a steady pace dictated by the slowest rider, typically around 11-14mph. The ride leader will navigate and ensure no-one gets left behind.  The ride is likely to include a little more climbing than a Cat D ride, with some longer or steeper climbs.  We climb at our own pace, and regroup at the top. Good for getting used to riding in a group.

Cat B ride: Longer (and/or faster) Social
Up to 50 miles or sometimes more in length at a steady pace. These rides will be a little faster, typically 13-16mph average, but the ride leader will still ensure that no-one gets left behind.  As these rides are popular, we often split the ride into faster and slower groups. You’ll need a good level of fitness for these rides, be used to riding 50+ miles, and have some experience of group riding, as we will usually ride tightly in groups of up to 12 riders to minimise our disruption to other road users. If you’re new to the club, come along to a few Cat C or D rides first to build your fitness, confidence and group riding skills.

Cat A: Training Ride
These rides vary in length but run at a fast pace – typically 18+ mph average – and don’t wait for slower riders. Riders on these rides should have a high level of fitness and be experienced in riding fast and hard in a group setting. They are aimed at those training hard for road racing and time trials.