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Ladies Training Session (Cat B/C) - Thursday 30 March 2017

Rachel Batt will lead loops of the upper Len Eyre circuit (sounds boring but please keep reading!)
- 1 hour nominally 7 - 8 Thurs evening
- Meet in the lay-by opposite the bottling factory entrance on Waterswallows Lane
- Loop goes anti-clockwise down Waterswallows lane onto Waterswallows Rd, left on Longridge Lane, left on Batham Gate Rd and back to start
- Maybe ride through and off*. Spend as little time on the front as you like or stay on the back - do as much as you want.
- It's a short loop < 3 miles so if you get dropped you can soft pedal until the group catches up again and then get back on. Likewise a short loop means you don't need to be there at 7 on the dot, you can just turn up and join in when you can.
- The idea is to train to increase your average speed/fitness but not to destruction! It doesn't matter if you think you're slow, just come along and try it and hopefully we can all get a bit faster/fitter/more confident
- Maybe go to the 19th Hole for an 'orange juice' afterwards

Note that this won't be formal coaching, it's self-coached for now using the experience of some of the ladies in the club and 'tools' like youtube! Rachel would like to see more ladies riding with the club and so is keen to have a format that is inclusive but will hopefully help all of us improve no matter what level we're already at and thought this format would be suitable for all because it keeps things local for maximum flexibility and to suit most abilities. This could be a regular weekly session so we could decide each time what we want to do - steady/fast/TT practice/individual efforts whatever. You can just come to the pub if you like!

If you know more local lady road cyclists who might be interested (preferably with an interest in joining Buxton CC but we can try 'enlist' them either way!) please add them/pass the info on.

If you're vaguely interested please contact Rachel Batt; the more we chat the greater the chance we have of getting something organised that suits us all!!

*If you don't know what this means, have a look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWEoBFkwsc0 or search for through and off on You Tube

This is a ladies only session but if you have any wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters etc who have a road bike and might fancy it, please point them this way.