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History (All words courtesy of Trevor Yeoman)

It is known that there was a Cycling Club in existence in Buxton in the late 1890s and early 1900s according to reports extracted from the Buxton Advertiser and photographs shown in various historical books of the town, but no actual names of people actively involved are quoted. It is therefore taken that the present club was formed by Ron Woodward in November 1948 when the following article appeared in the Buxton Advertiser:

Saturday, 13th November 1948

"A cycling club is to be formed in the district shortly. Anyone interested is invited to the first run which starts tomorrow, Sunday, at 9.00 am from The Crescent'. Ronald Woodward of 17 Forest Avenue, Buxton will supply any further information."

A set of club rules from 1949 (supplied by Vivienne Yeoman) can be found here.

  • 1950
    • By the mid 1950s some members were participating in long distance reliability trials and racing with varying degrees of success. During the late 1950s there was an influx of new members aged 15/16 years old, who, whilst still at school gave the club stability and prospects for the future.
  • 1960
    • The 1960s proved a very difficult and challenging time for the club. Many of the younger members were getting married or moving away from the area to further their careers, leaving only about 3 or 4 active members. Serious thought was given to disbanding the club but enthusiasm and dedication to the sport won through and by the end of the decade new members began to Join.
  • 1970
    • In the 1970s the club went from strength to strength with more junior members joining the club and many of these members are still actively cycling today.
  • 1980/1990
    • By the 1980s and 90s, the club was still maintaining a healthy membership and with the advent of the new millennium the club continued to thrive with approximately 50 members bringing new ideas and greater range of activities into the sport. Foreign cycle tours, mainly to France, to experience and enjoy the spectacle of 'Le Tour'; winter weekend breaks and organised visits to use the excellent facilities at the Velodrome Track in Manchester; as well as the usual racing season, now feature in the calendar of many members of the club. For the first time in its history, Buxton Cycling Club has entered into sponsorship, with a member of the club, Sam Clark of Sett Valley Cycles, New Mills, and it is envisaged that this partnership will be doubly beneficial and attract new members to continue the success of the club.
Club Group Club 50th
In the early days, touring and club runs were the mainstay of the club with large groups assembling at The Crescent -still the meeting place of the club. 

The club's 50th Anniversary in 1998
April 2016 Club Photo  
Club photo taken in front to Buxton Opera House in April 2016 after a large influx of new members.