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Breckland CC 12 Hour 2018 - BBAR Team 2018

Chris Mat Tom  
Chris Lea who completed 272.655 miles for 15th place in the event. Chris also did 1:49:59 for 50 miles and 3:45:26 for 100 miles during the season giving him an average BBAR (British Best All-Rounder) speed of 25.538 mph and 20th place overall. Mat Ivings did 291.303 miles for 7th place. During 2018 he did 3:33:53 for 100 miles and 1:41:55 for 50 miles for an average BBAR speed of 27.255 mph for 4th place. Tom Thornely was 9th in the CC Breckland 12 Hour with distance of 289.047, travelling faster than Mat in the final stages. His 2018 fastest 50 mile time was 1:44:53 and his 100 time was 3:35:12 for a BBAR average speed of 26.857 mph and 8th place.  
In the CC Breckland 12 hour event the above Buxton CC trio were second fastest team with 853.01 miles which would have been a national competition record until 2017.