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Buxton CC Safeguarding Policy

Buxton CC has two Club Welfare Officers to promote policy and procedures for the safeguarding of under 18s and vulnerable adults: Chris Lea and Andrew Smith. Chris and Andrew are sources of advice on such matters, points of contact for anyone with any welfare concerns, and co-ordinate action within and on behalf of the club on receipt of any concerns or referrals.

It is important that Buxton CC safeguards the interests of under 18s who plan to ride Club Runs (there is a separate system for Club time trials). Also, we must follow the requirements of British Cycling and Cycling UK regarding under 18s on Club Runs.

a. A Club Welfare Officer, the young person and, most importantly, their parent/guardian, will meet, ideally in person. This is so that the Welfare officer can explain to the parent/guardian and young person what is involved in participating on Club Runs, and to ensure that they know the competence and fitness level required for our various Runs. It also gives an opportunity to welcome the young person to the Club and tell them about Club activities.

b. Parental consent will be obtained for their child/ward to ride our Runs. This will be in writing, to be witnessed by a Club Member – probably a Welfare Officer. The form is available here

c. At present, we will strongly suggest that the young person initially rides a Friday evening Run, unless we have prior knowledge or parental assurance that the young person has the ability to ride other Runs. The Friday rides always have a designated leader, and a Club Welfare Officer will also attend if it is a young person’s first ride with the Club.

d. The Club Welfare Officer will tell everyone who is organising or leading Club Runs that the young person has parental consent to join our Runs.

e. This process can be instigated by the Club Secretary, other Office holders, ride organisers/leaders, the young person or their parent/guardian.   

Just to be clear, parental consent is needed before any person under 18 joins our Runs. All ages of rider are welcome on Runs, but under 14s must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. The Club’s safeguarding policy can be found here:

We have two Club Welfare Officers and you can contact them at:
Chris Lea,, or by telephone: 01298 25642,
Andrew Smith,