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Updated Guidelines on Club Time Trials from Chris Lea, Club Event Coordinator

It’s very good news that we can take part in time trials including hill climbs once more, but with some COVID-19 amendments, as follows:
- Most importantly: riders must not gather together beforehand, at the start or after finishing.
- After signing-on, go and do your warm-up, then please arrive at the start no more than three minutes before your start time.
- Please bring your own pen to sign-in, and exact change only (£3.50 members, £5 non-members). Club members can pay on-line – speak to Chris Lea at the event.
- No safety pins (for numbers) provided. Please bring your own.
- Standing start, as there will be no pusher-off.
- Results will be posted on the Club website.
- Please do not attend if you feel ill in any way or if any family members have any symptoms of COVID-19. If you have been told to shield, you should not be at the event.
- An elevated resting heart rate or exceptionally quick to react heart rate during warm up can suggest an underlying asymptomatic illness of any kind, and you should not go to the start line, or ride, and should instead go home.
- Drafting behind a competitor is already not allowed in time trials, but it is now even more important that you do not do so and that if you are catching another rider you do not ride in their slipstream and pass them as quickly as possible.
- Sorry for this long list of do’s and dont’s, but they are there to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19.